Alex Wheatle

Straight Outta Crongton

Di, 28.04.2020, 10 Uhr / ab ca. 14 Jahren

Genre: lecture and discussion in English ab 10. Schulstufe

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By 1980 Wheatle was living in a social services hostel in Brixton, South London, and he participated in the
1981 Brixton riots and aftermath. While serving his resulting sentence he read authors such as Chester Himes, Richard Wright, C. L. R. James and John Steinbeck. He claims that a Rastafarian was his cellmate, and he was the one who encouraged Wheatle to start reading books and care about his education. Straight Outta Crongton is the third part of the multi-awardwinning Crongton series. These books deal with tough subjects such as domestic abuse, gang violence and the pressures on women trying to keep their families together under extreme circumstances.

As all lectures are done in English, students attending the lecture should be 15 years old at least and it makes sense that they are familiar with the extracts of the novel that are provided by Peter Fuschelberger.

He is an author with great talent and a great heart. David Almond

Alex Wheatle was born in 1963 to Jamaican parents. He participated in the 1981 Brixton riots. Wheatle started writing books in 1999 („Brixton Rock”). His early books are based on his life in Brixton as a teenager and his time in social services´ care. He received several awards, e.g. the London Arts Board New Writers Award in 1999 and the Queen awarded him an MBE for services to literature. He lives in London with his family.