Stephen Davies

Blood & Ink

Fr, 09.11.2018, 09.30 Uhr / ab ca. 14 Jahren

Genre: in English language (from the age of 14 onwards)

Veranstalter: Junges Literaturhaus

Eintritt: 3 Euro

Dauer ca. 80 Minuten

Timbuktu in the year 2012. Ali, 16, is a mujahid, a holy warrior. His battalion is massing in the Sahara Desert, preparing to invade Timbuktu. Kadija, 15, is a daughter of Timbuktu on the verge of becoming a Guardian, a keeper of the town’s mysterious ancient manuscripts. The two of them are now set on a collision course. Ali hates Kadija’s spirit and her outlawed passion for music. Kadija scorns Ali’s confident, ruthless fanaticism. So when they find themselves falling for each other, they try desperately to resist. 

Currently Stephen Davies lives in London but before that he spent 13 years with the Fulani nomads in Burkina Faso as an English teacher and a missionary. During that time he wrote for the Guardian Weekly and The Sunday Times. Most of his books are set in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. Stephen Davies: „‘Write what you know’ is generally good advice, and it has served me well.” 

Before Stephen takes us on his journey to far away Timbuktu in the year 2012, he will talk about the year 1912 when the Titanic sank, because this is the topic of one of his other books. The Titanic was published in the German translation with Aladin Publishing Company.


As both of the lectures are done in English, students attending the lecture should be 14 years old at least and it makes sense that they are familiar with the extracts of the novel that are provided by Peter Fuschelberger. Additionally, he offers to assist teachers in the classroom with a preparatory lesson for the literary talk.