Esther Kinsky

When OpO left

Di, 15.03.2016, 11 Uhr

Genre: Book Presentation for Children in English

Veranstalter: Junges Literaturhaus, prolit

Eintritt: € 3

„This is a delightful book, beautifully written and illustrated. The story is lovely and believable. Great book for kids and, yes, grown ups too.” Colin Westgate

After a long wait the gale season finally hits and the two pilot whale children Roey and Rosa ride the huge surf in the rough thundering sea along with the rest of the pod heading South. In the middle of all their excitement, the mighty Opo, a senior knowledgable whale full of tales for the children and knowledge, takes a turn for the worse. Opo, unable to keep up with the rest of the pod, falls behind and the pilot Lola changes course and heads for Brightlingsea hoping to help Opo to recover his strength in the shallow water and feasting on the Brightlingsea herrings. Beautifully written (by Esther Kinsky) and illustrated (by Falk Nordmann), the story is based on a true version of events when a pod of 50 whales entered the River Blackwater in an attempt to save one of their own.

A sad but comforting story that will touch your hearts, about the importance of family ties and solidarity in times of illness and bereavement. Living through excitement, joy and sadness with Roey and Rosa, young readers will also learn many facts about whales. The story is dedicated to children who are left behind facing the loss of a beloved family member. Recommandable for people of every age up from eight years.

Esther Kinsky writes fiction and poetry for children and adults in both German and English. She translates books from various languages. After many years living in London and rural Hungary, she now lives in Berlin.